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CONCEPT - Musicians meet musicians!

In earlier centuries, music was not expected to be performed publicly except for liturgical purposes. To sit around a table and sing a madrigal, to play the harpsichord or a trio with friends was the pride of private households, of sophisticated individuals who had undergone intense training.
The level of private music-making was often astounding.

The TEAHOUSE BAROQUE initiative is inspired by Frederic The Great, King of Prussia, the ruler, who chose to ignore formalities and power dynamics to make himself a servant of the art of flute playing, working hard to give Rococo concertos gestalt. Even in front of his courtiers, this was a private occupation, far from a display of political power.

Even though some ensembles at the TEAHOUSE BAROQUE perform in public, the idea and, motivation is to celebrate the moment by bringing music with skill and passion to life.


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