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Violin, oboe, baroque flute, harpsichord, viol, recorder player & Co. at Guildford

The TEAHOUSE BAROQUE is a personal initiative of HSH Dr Donatus Prince of Hohenzollern to bring established or advanced players and singers together to play compositions from the Baroque, Renaissance and other periods. The rehearsals take place in a private venue near Guildford.

There is an abundance of organisations, charities, and projects offering concerts for young musicians. Senior musicians, often busy in the music industry or retired, miss contacts and opportunities to make the music they love – outside of business and concert obligations. Joining an ensemble of the non-commercial TEAHOUSE BAROQUE network is cost-free.

Whether you are a professional, retired or very advanced musician, you can join an existing ensemble or help create a chamber music group, like a trio or a quartet. The TEAHOUSE BAROQUE network can provide contacts for external projects. Get in contact.

Additionally, students can receive assistance in connecting with experienced teachers and have free access to a Steinway Grand piano for practice prior to examinations.